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Abandoned Calls

What happens if all telemarketers are talking and a customer is located?
As a result of testing the best ways to keep people "on hold", we found that a simulated ring tone works the best. In other words, when they pick up the phone, it starts ringing in their ear as if they are being transferred to another telephone within your office. Most people wait for someone to answer. This will happen as soon as one of your telemarketers become available.

Dialing Order
With MarkeTel Predictive Dialers you can easily and effectively control your dialing order. You can dial in order of telephone number or zip code. Dialing in order of zip code is the most geographically tight method of dialing. This means that if your agency uses couriers they will be significantly more efficient.

Changing Call lists
Call lists may be changed just like a word processing document. Simply close the old one and open the new one and all the settings are automatically saved for the next time you want to work on it.

Manual Dialing
Our system will allow telemarketers to manually dial numbers. It can be very important to be able to manually dial for a variety of reasons. Make sure that any system you purchase does not restrict you in this way.

NOTE: A yellow light flashes up to the manager's station when manual dialing is initiated and system generated reports will also identify excessive manual dialing for any telemarketer.

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